Bob Log III

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Bob Log III

  • Date: 15 - Dec - 2017
  • Time: 20:00
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From Tucson, Arizona, USA The one-man blues explosion is returning to Adelaide to shake things up once again.

He wears a shiny blue spacesuit, sings through an old 70’s telephone handset installed in his helmet, and carries out his desire to get girls in every town to sit in his lap while his monkey-paw flies across his guitar with lightning speed, and his rhythm section (left foot and right foot) play the kick drum and cymbals.

His live shows are legendary, with his recent trips to Adelaide involving members of the audience dipping their boobs in scotch or pie floaters, and on occasion he “crowd surfs” in a rubber dingy while he continues to play the guitar.

You might not see his face but you’ll never forget the show!

Joined by special guests Glass Skies

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