Larsen ‘Weightless Again’ Album Tour

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Larsen ‘Weightless Again’ Album Tour

  • Date: 28 - Oct - 2017
  • Time: 19:45
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For the final party of the Weightless Again album tour, we’re putting on a show in our incredible home town with some great friends kind enough to support us. Hopefully there’ll be lasers and shit, but no promises.

Opening the night are easily our favourite new band right now, TOWNS. Go listen to ‘I Don’t Mind’ on their unearthed page and abuse us at the show because it will still be stuck in your head by then.

Pinkish Blu are next up with their delicious alternative vibes, fresh off of Stonecutters 2017, with reports that they’re now the best of friends with Wil Wagner. Can not confirm.

Before we grace (ruin) the stage with our presence, our good friends Sincerely, Grizzly are bringing… whatever it is they do… to Jive once again. We don’t know how to describe their music, other than really fucking good. Josh amazingly features on our album, and I’m sure there’ll some new sad tunes to be sad but also happy about.

We want this show to be bloody huge. Tickets are only $10 on the door. Thats $10 for three sick bands and us. Doors at 7:45. 18+. See you there, m8s!!

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