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LORD Re:United Tour

  • Date: 06 - Jul - 2019
  • Time: 18:30

LORD Re:united Australian Tour 2019 – Adelaide
Saturday July 6th @ Jive
181 Hindley St, Adelaide.
Doors 6:30pm – 11:30pm
Over 18’s only

Line up:
Truth Corroded

$15 tickets available here:


There is nothing more tiresome than getting stuck at a party next to the know-it-all guy who insists on giving his “expert
opinion” about what bands belong to which genre. Or the other guy who is more than happy to elaborate on how all music
(except for his preferred tastes, of course) is shit. Perhaps we’ve just been going to the wrong parties, but this kind attitude is
entirely opposite to the open-minded approach ingrained at the very heart of LORD.

LORD’s core style is proudly rooted in traditional heavy metal, but often goes off on wild tangents ranging from light AOR to extreme metal, with a penchant for recording cover songs of 80s pop hits just for kicks. It’s not uncommon to have a LORD album jump from classic metal, to a huge power ballad and then blind-side you with a ferocious blast-beat powered thrash monster.

Such an open stylistic attitude demands a band up to the task. Aside from a rock-solid rhythm section and two guitarists that are certainly no strangers to face-melting solos, LORD features one of the most diverse vocalists in the country – of any genre. When one song calls for guttural growls and another for smooth melodic rock harmonies, a generic heavy metal vocalist just wouldn’t cut it. As always, “the right tool for the job” is the mantra of the day.

2019 sees the release of LORD’s latest album, “Fallen Idols” which
encapsulates everything the band has stood for since its inception. Once again featuring cover art from Felipe Machado (BLIND GUARDIAN, ICED EARTH, IRON SAVIOR), this album is an affectionate neo-nostalgic nod back to the days of those backyard parties, where the genre didn’t exist yet or simply just didn’t matter. When a good song was simply a good song. No carefully planned marketing angles, no contrived media bullshit. When the only thing that matters is the music, and how it makes you feel. Nothing more, nothing less.

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