Stripes, Hound Eyes, Urban Youth

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Stripes, Hound Eyes, Urban Youth

  • Date: 23 - Jan - 2021
  • Time: 08:00
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Fresh to the scene, stripes. are your new favourite emo band. Boasting impressive mathrock tunes, the local duo (Harry Starick and Blake Pedler) have set afoot blazingly, starting from lounge-room shows with friends to shortly later performing a debut headline show with a max capacity turn out. ‘Electric, twinkly emo songs’ featuring a mixture of ‘pretty guitar riffs and aggressive, hard hitting drums’ give stripes. a truly unique sound. With music inspired by bands such as Modern Baseball, Origami Angel, sports., tricot and Mom Jeans., matched with their truly remarkable talent for playing mathrock, it’s no wonder stripes. are gaining a strong following so early in their career.

Alongside stripes., Hound Eyes, a four-piece rock band are playing their debut show. ‘Emerging from the suburbs of Adelaide, Hound Eyes blend their collective influences of grunge, shoegaze and alt rock to deliver a brand of music that is loud, contemplative and full of passion. Their single ‘Guillotine’ is a perfect example of what Hound Eyes have to offer, portraying pieces of each influence throughout the song.’

Also supporting are Urban Youth, ‘a three-piece indie rock band who’s music is infused with dreamy melodies and sharp edged guitars – underpinned by a subtle atmospheric haze. Urban Youth have developed their own distinctive co-lead vocal dynamic that blends in seamlessly amongst layers of thick fuzz and reverb.
Harkening back to the sound of 90’s shoegaze and 80’s post-punk, the trio have been able to craft a live sound that evokes fragility, power and sincerity, all in equal measure.
Their debut single ‘Origami’ has garnered much support and favourable reaction since its release in October 2018, as well as frequent rotation on local radio stations such as Three D Radio and Radio Adelaide.’

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